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Your Horoscope for September - Adjustment

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Your Horoscope for September - Adjustment

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By: Beverley Golden


Welcome to our monthly astrology column

September theme - Adjustment

If you read our August forecast, you know that the theme was “Reassess and Refocus” I don’t know about you, but it certainly felt like the entire month was about exactly that for me. Did you feel it in your life?


Each year as August comes to a close and September begins, we find ourselves adjusting to the shift from one season to another. This is true wherever you live in the world, regardless of which season you are moving to.


According to this month’s Power Path forecast, “we are now navigating the debris kicked up by events that triggered the RESET of August. We know something is different, and we know things should be different. We feel somehow different and some of us are manifesting big changes, but we cannot fully embrace the reality of it until we adjust on all levels, assimilating and integrating as we go.”


As someone who often has a hard time with change, I plan to take this to heart. “The main thing is to see all that is happening as a positive step in the direction of change. Whether you are informing the environment around you to adjust to the new you, or you are struggling to adjust to what is happening around you, the best attitude will be one of acceptance, patience, neutrality and trust. You will have days when you dont know your bottom from your top, days of frustration with yourself and others, days when you are so inspired you can hardly contain the excitement, days when you feel overwhelmed, and days when you see inspiring glimpses of this new direction we are all going in.”


September could be a month where great healing happens both in our personal lives and also collectively, especially as things continue to morph and change. One of the things I have learned in my own life is that healing is highly individual and that there is an ‘art’ to it. Here are some personal thoughts in my article, Healing is an Art.


There is a powerful message for us in September’s The Power Path: “The most important thing is to be in acceptance of what is and of what is showing up. There is a big picture at work here and we have not yet been able to see or experience fully the outcome of what we are currently creating for ourselves. We need to recognize this as a collective co-creation and take what comes. We also need to embrace the adjustment necessary in this process.”


Does September’s theme of Adjustment sound like it will be easy for you? Adjustment can be challenging, but in the end, it is better to embrace it than to resist it. Are you ready to greet the new month with a sense of acceptance that an adjustment is needed? You can read the full September forecast Here.


Please let us know in the comments your thoughts on astrology and how September’s theme of Adjustment shows up in your life!


Beverley Golden


As a writer, re:searcher and curious observer of the world around me, I love exploring what makes people do what they do and believe what they believe. My longtime fascination with astrology even had me subtitle my book, “Confessions of a Middle-Aged Hippie”— “observations of life on earth and other cosmic meanderings.” As a lifestyle writer, my musings can be found on my own blog and also on the Huffington Post and Family Guiding.


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