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Our Series On Colour - Part Two: Selecting a Colourist

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Our Series On Colour - Part Two:   Selecting a Colourist

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Our Series on Colour  - Part Two
Selecting a Colourist
by Jonathan Doucette

Finding the colourist that will get you to that place where you feel comfortable and want to be can be a challenge. As a colourist myself,  I often hear ladies say, “I would rather change my doctor than my colourist”. That being said, if you are in search of that one colourist worthy of your trust and commitment, I recommend the following.

  • If you come across a colour on someone that appeals to you, ask that person for the name of their colorist.
  • Search top salons in your area, review the website and any bios included on the site for the colourist whose models align with your colour preferences.
  • Schedule a consultation with the particular colourist that your search uncovers and confirm for yourself that they have the capability to achieve your intended results.
  • Whether you’ve found someone or have narrowed down your search, make sure during your consultation that your respective personalities mesh and bear in mind that your decision may very likely turn out to be a long term relationship.

As we move into the Fall season there is much focus surfacing on colour trends. For Winter as well, we are seeing a shift toward warmer, richer tones. If you are uncertain how you might describe your desired colour, consider taking visuals with you from magazines or off the many sources on the internet. Making this effort will be of great value to your colourist and go a long way to achieving the clarity and results you’re looking for. 


For those of you that have greying hair and not looking to commit to a permanent colour, there is an option that requires less maintenance and will cost you less as well. The option and process we are talking about comes with a variety of names and is commonly referred to as blending or staining. The resulting effect of blending or staining is generally a very natural look.


Like all aspects of fashion there is the edgy side of hair colour as well and that is being embraced by young and old alike these days in using more vibrant colours to create a different focus. We are seeing more and more ladies with grey hair having splashes of mauves and pinks strategically placed around the front of the face to create a focal point that effectively detracts from their overall grey colour. This approach opens up opportunities to change makeup and colour of certain clothing selections along with accessories like scarves and jewelry.


The world of hair colour is constantly changing. Stay tuned for Part III.


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