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Our Series on Colour - Part One: Management & Maintenance

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Our Series on Colour - Part One: Management & Maintenance

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Our Series on Colour  - Part One
Colour Management and Maintenance
by Jonathan Doucette

It is important and helpful for most ladies that tap into professional hair colour services to come to understand the thoughts and stories included in this article.


Colour lives on the cuticle outside layer of the hair for the first 48 to 72 hours. Colour services, as you know, can be expensive and that makes proper maintenance all the more important. Not getting the proper maintenance regimen for shampoo or conditioner may seriously compromise the longevity of the colour service you've paid dearly for, and here's why.


Shampoos are typically either acid or alkaline. It is very important that following your colour services the best maintenance  is a shampoo that is neutral, as in neither acid nor alkaline. By using a shampoo that is neutral this will increase the longevity of the colour by up to 50% and drastically reduce fading, especially in reds, browns and fashion colours.

Working with your colourist has its benefits.  A client we know wanted an overall blonde colour for the summer, their natural colour was dark brown with a lot of red pigment, what we call level 4. This wonderful person was insistent that she have this colour immediately for an early summer soiree. Her stylist explained that to achieve this colour and render the hair in a healthy state it would need to be done in three stages over a 72 hour period. The client saw and understood the value in the recommendation and agreed. Everything turned out very well and in time to look great for the summer soiree. It is important to note from this story that when the desired colour is much lighter than the existing colour, it needs to be approached with patience and commitment with your colourist to achieve the best results.


It is important to know that all professional products are formulated to extend the life of your colour and render the hair in a healthy state. Professional products are generally very concentrated, therefore the required amount of product required is significantly less  than the amount needed for over the counter products.


If your stylist / colourist is not recommending a professional product for your hair then you should be asking why?


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