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Blow dry hair services in Etobicoke

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Blow dry hair services in Etobicoke
Hi Studio 3 salon,
I have recently moved to Etobicoke and I am looking for a great local salon. This weekend I have 2 events and I will need to book a blow dry service. Are you accepting new clients and what are your hours and prices?
Thanks, Sailor. 


By Studio 3
Welcome to Etobicoke. Hope you had a great move. We certainly accept new clients and we have some time slots available prior to your upcoming events. Our usual blow dry service is $35. If you're interested in a package we have 5 blow dry appointments for $150 or $30 each.
My name is Laura and I am Studio Three's owner. By all means please call me at  416-233-1233 and we will look after you.
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