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A Special Pink Ribbon Salon Story

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A Special Pink Ribbon Salon Story
What It Means To Be Able To Help
Sunday, October 22nd is a special day this year at Studio Three.
October is Pink Ribbon month and on the 22nd our salon's Pink Ribbon commitment is in support of Jennifer Landa.
It's important though to know about the people participating in this event. One special person is Sofia Niras, Studio Three's manager. When asked what made this event important for her, Sofia responded, "To me it is because of the young lady who's battling cancer, and cancer touches all women in so many different ways." Sofia went on to explain, "This event is also important to me because my mom is a cancer survivor. Anything I can do to help anyone or any charity associated with cancer, well, I always want to help and be a part in any way I can." Sofia added, "Jennifer wishes to reach $150,000 and for her charity, every little bit helps.....a lot."
Throughout October and on Sunday the 22nd, think about Jennifer, think about Sofia, think about Sofia's mom, think about how you can support good people like yourself and those doing something special at Studio Three.
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