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3 Wildly Popular Health Myths—That Aren’t True

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3 Wildly Popular Health Myths—That Aren’t True

3 Wildly Popular Health Myths

—That Arent True


by Beverley Golden


Have you ever had a friend or family member tell you what you should or could do to improve your health? Or that you must try what worked for them when it came to losing weight? Well-meaning as it is, sometimes it becomes hard to choose one option over the other. How do we sift through all the information and suggestions about health and nutrition that are coming at us from the world around us? 


This has been an ongoing dilemma for me too, as health has been a pervasive theme in my life from an early age. Ive been on a journey back to healthand much of my life has been about learning how to be healthy. Can you really learnhow to be healthy? From my experiences, the answer is a resounding Yes’.


Where ARE the Answers to Our Health Concerns?


So often I looked to experts for definitive answers to my health issues, only to realize that as many experts as I saw, thats how many answers there were. Sometimes there were no answers at all! Has that happened to you?


We all have our own beliefs based on our individual experiences. Right? Through many years of trying every new modality or new health trend that was popular at the time, Ive learned that we are highly individual. What works for someone else, may or may not work for us. Ive also come to understand that the lessons we learn through our own experiences are perhaps as important, if not more important, than information we get from others. Agree?


Having spent many years researching many of the wildly popular health beliefs, I was surprised at how many commonly held health myths weve bought intojust arent true!  Here’s three that might surprise you too…

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